The Demise of Mister Green

Into the Tower of Uthathorn, with some furry diversions on the way and a tragedy at the end.

Four Large Wolf Pelts. Wolves were killed cleanly with no weapon damage. Jane removed the pelts with a skill check of 17.

We later met some trappers who examined our skinning skills (we preferred their criticism/commentary to that of Illdrik’s). They were glad for a light summer of orc encounters, and when they learned that we were to account for this, they offered Jane a very nice badger pelt. They offered to work it into the form of a hat that would fit her helm. We will need to collect this some day.

The trappers mentioned a statue north of Barley Fields of a warrior who fought against the Demon Lords long ago (Mayan Menye?). He fought with an Elven Sword given to him by the fairly queen (elf queen?). Also mentioned was a Redare OakOath, who is in a sacred grove across the river Oerth (Urt?).

We faced a Manticore in the middle of the night. It swooped in hidden in darkness firing darts from its tail (at the time we didn’t know what was coming at us). Kenny took three darts to the chest at once and immediately died (with a roaring chorus of You killed Kenny, You Bastard!!!) While everyone struggled to pull on bits of armor, a few bow shots and a lightning bolt were fired at the beast. A glitterdust spell forced it to retreat to the skies, and a few more arrows convinced it to fly away, mortally embarrassed by it’s thorough spanking (in truth, we could have been in a world of hurt).

At the tower, all was quiet. We climbed to the top of the lower tower, noting that we could see into some of the arrow slits, indicating that the magical darkness was not throughout the tower. At the smashed trapdoor we could see only darkness, but Illdrik entered through an arrow slit where light could pass and confirmed only the first room or so was in dark, and no spiders could be detected. We entered and descended the stairs to the level just below.

We first went to our right, and found a room with chalk markings noting the tally of some Orc wagering. The next room held poorly crafted orc spears and arrows, as well as orc poop and pee barrels. (orc poop… hee hee) Heading back to the stairs and turning left we find a more narrow passage, with doors to rooms facing outside the tower. The first room was a orc sleeping quarters with rude chalk drawings on the wall. We found a sack:

3gp, 20sp, 13cp, 2 stone basalt figures (that fit together in a certain way…)

The next part of the corridor was all melty warped, with bones embedded in the walls. Then there was a door with a rough orc/elf smiley face drawn on it, with a barrel of oil and unused torches outside. We opened the door and were pelted with darts from fairy types (“go away orcs”). Jane wrote a polite note in Silvain and we moved on.

The next door had a death skull drawn on it. Within were three skeletons hanging on a wall, and to the right a set of barred cells hidden in magical/evil darkness. Caelen went in with rope around his waist and was attacked by shadows from the cells. He was struck with unearthly cold and lost much of his strength. We pulled him out using the rope and fought the shadows in the doorway. Magic spells fizzled in the room. We defeated the shadows with magic stones, magic weapons and Danforth’s firey breath (having used a fire breathing potion).

Inside we searched the cells and found loot on a gnomish victim and an elvish victim. Illdrik, who was doing the looting, escaped just before the shadow creatures reformed. On the bodies we found:

Magical whistle, made of ivory inlaid with precious stones
Gold Belt Buckle
Gold Shoe Buckles
Magical feather quill

Back in the fairly room, the creatures were nicer to us, having read Jane’s note. Jane did all the talking from the doorway, and learned that within was a single creature, a faey dryiad or woodland creature of sorts named Mr. Green. He was brought here long ago by a Falpold Balderdash. He was now in the form of an acorn, and wanted to be brought back to “the forest”. Jane agreed to do this, and was allowed safely into the room, to collect Mr. Green and put him into her pocket. She noted the dead and decayed corpses of orcs and a demon type. (Jane had remembered hearing of a Mr. Green. Previously she had met fairies who were guarding a portal for Mr. Green, who had been away a long time)

Further along the corridors, we found a corridor that stretched behind the shadow cell rooms, with arrow slits facing outside. Beyond that, we found a room with a very well done drawing in pastel chalk on the wall of Grumpsh in battle victory. Hilarity ensued as we speculated on the life and times of a young Orcbrandt, or perhaps a poorly understood and troubled Orc Van Gogh. Continuing, we reached the end of the corridor, which had a final door, and also a stranger circular outcropping of regular stone against the interior tower wall. We could discover nothing of this outcropping, but entered the final room.

Within we found a bed, a large chair with skulls on the arms, two stools facing the chair, an empty and open chest, a desk and a tapestry. Under the bed furs we found a sack with three tiger eyes. The desk surface had a built in map of the menhir hills, with green, white and purple marbles. We could discern the menhir hills road, the towns of Barley Fields and Stonewyck, our tower location and other points of interest. Further in the Menhir hills we could see the shape of a larger tower or castle (perhaps this castle Wesley has learned of). Other orc outposts were noted, with green orc marbles and white slave marbles placed. We made a drawing representation of the map and the marble locations. We took the tapestry, which again was Grumpsh in his glory.

Oni (who we had paid to be returned to the flesh), discovered that the tower corridor did not seem to go fully around the tower circumference. We search the wall within the room and discovered a secret door, which we opened with a knock spell. Within was an old desk and a metal chest. We learned the mechanism to the door (stone pressure plates in the outer room). The desk was falling apart, but within one drawer we found a silver letter opener and 5gp with an old unknown stamp.

We slept the night and Wesley learned extra knock spells the next day. Casting knock on the check immediately unlocked and opened it, and released a noxious gas that filled the secret room and the outer room. Mr. Green, the acorn in Jane’s sack, immediately died. While Jane mourned, we found within the chest 3 potions, 2 scrolls and dagger and 10 footlong gold bars with strange runes on them. We went home.

Monster Summary:
Wolves, Manticore, Shadows

Treasure Summary:
Wolf pelts
Badge pelt (Jane will keep as a hat)
Orc spears and arrows, if of any value.
3gp, 20sp, 13cp, 2 stone basalt figures
Magical whistle, made of ivory inlaid with precious stones
Gold Belt Buckle
Gold Shoe Buckles
Magical feather quill
3 Tiger Eyes
Silver Letter Opener
5gp ancient coins
3 potions
2 scrolls
10 gold bars with runes
metal chest with lock



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