Ways Castles and Crusades differs from ADnD

Castles and Crusades Quick Start Rules

The following is a list of notable differences between AD&D and C&C.

  1. The SIEGE Engine
  2. Bonus Spells
  3. Two-Weapon Fighting
  4. Spell Effects
  5. Spell Components
  6. House Rules

The SIEGE engine

The SIEGE engine is a universal mechanic for resolving all actions in C&C, from pushing stuck doors, to removing traps, to bluffing past guards. Whereas in AD&D each of these would be resolved with different rules, in C&C they are all resolved with one mechanic.

Throughout the game, the Castle Keeper and players must resolve whether or not specific actions succeed or fail. To resolve these situations and others, a player rolls a d20 and adds the character’s level and the attribute modifier of one of the character’s six attributes that is being checked against. If the total score exceeds the number representing the difficulty of conflict requiring the check, the character succeeds.

There are two types of attributes in Castles & Crusades: primary and secondary. Checks against primary attributes receive a +6 bonus. Primary attributes are those physical or mental abilities in which a character is particularly well trained or very experienced in using. Secondary attributes are those the character uses with only average skill. A player selects the character’s primary attributes after choosing a class and race. Humans have three primary attributes. Demi-humans have only two.

Bonus Spells

Even wizards and illusionists also get bonus spells for high intelligence, as clerics do for high wisdom in AD&D.

Two Weapon Fighting

In C&C, the two weapon fighting penalties are -3 for the primary weapon and -6 for the secondary weapon compared to -2/-4 in AD&D. These penalties are still off-set by dexterity bonus.

Spell Effects

Spells are mostly the same but have some distinctly different details (DDD). For example, the Sleep spell effects all within a radius – party and enemy alike. Know your spells!

Spell Components

Spell casters will need to purchase components for spells with a specific cost (ie, Identify requires materials costing 100gp).

Ways Castles and Crusades differs from ADnD

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