Second Session

The “Second Session” has yet to name itself.

Adam, playing Korbin, a dwarf cleric of Dumathoin

Harmony, playing Rolinda, a human ranger from the farmlands near Greyhawk

Matt (sometimes DM), human cleric of St. Cuthbert (besides Hilaire, Hero of the Wild Coast in the Zombies group

Stephen, playing Watt, a human rogue from Greyhawk city

Samantha, playing Inara, a gnome illusionist

Travis, playing Brother Wesley, a human wizard (piously devoted to St. Cuthbert)

Clayton, playing Hengist, a human fighter from the Westfields

Jon (so far only DMing), has two characters in the Zombies group – Derringer Rollingrock and Jeyya

Kathryn, playing Desiderata (aka Desy), human fighter

Gray, playing Vincent, human bard

Second Session

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