Races of Greyhawk


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Pureblooded Flan boast a bronze-colored complexion, varying from a light copper shade to a deep brown hue. Eyes are typically dark brown, black, brown, or amber. Their wavy or curly hair is usually black, brown-black, dark brown, or brown.

Oeridian skin ranges from tan to olive. Their hair ranges the whole spectrum from honey blond to black, although brown and reddish brown predominate. Eye coloration varies, but brown and gray are most common.

The skin tones of the Rhennee range form olive to tan, their hair is usually curley and brown or black, with grey, blue, hazel and sometimes green eyes. The Rhennee are short and wiry but strong, men averaging 5 feet 6 inches and women shorter.

Purebred Suel typically have pale skin, with albinism being far more common than among other races. Violet and pale blue eyes are common, with gray and deep blue less common. Hair color is fair, from several shades of blond to light red, and is often kinky in texture.



Races of Greyhawk

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