Origins of the Castle Zagyg Campaign

Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg is quite possibly the most long-awaited RPG release in the history of the hobby. As early as 30 years ago, Gygax promised readers of Dragon Magazine that his personal campaign dungeons, Castle Greyhawk, would be published in short order. Unfortunately, reality intruded and only a small number of oddball extraplanar “sublevels” were ever released in the forms of Dungeonland, The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, and Isle of the Ape. These excursions were definitely memorable, but none of them touched on the fabled Castle dungeons themselves.

Before long, Gygax was fired from TSR Inc. and all hope of ever seeing his first, biggest, and most famous dungeon in print went with him.

Until the 21st century, that is, when Troll Lord Games announced their intentions to finally publish the authoritative Castle Greyhawk for their Castles & Crusades system under the non-trademark infringing title “Castle Zagyg”.

The Free Town of Yggsburgh and the surrounding East Mark are the intricately detailed setting Gygax designed for his masterwork.

Origins of the Castle Zagyg Campaign

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