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Origins of the Castle Zagyg Campaign – Bringing it all back home

Guiding Principles – For the kind of game you tell stories about

Creating New Characters – How to get started

Character Creation and Conversion – Head-hurting process of converting from AD&D

Character Adventure Hooks – In case you need a reason

Setting Specific Rules – Learn ‘em, love ‘em, live ‘em

House Rules List – Modest proposals

Ways Castles and Crusades differs from ADnD – They didn’t just sell the same game twice

Campaign Setting

Introduction to Castle Zagyg


The East Mark


Races of Greyhawk

Religion in the East Mark



Note that these are listed according to their ‘home session’ for convenience, not to imply that they couldn’t ever go back and forth. It is strange that nobody has ever seen Obelix and Hengist in the same place, though…


Second Session

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