Guiding Principles

Open-ended, Player-driven Gaming

This campaign will be player-driven. Players will forge the destinies of their characters and the world by setting their own goals and following their own initiative. Players can also shape the world through creative suggestions to the DM to develop the setting.

Scheduling and Goal-setting

Players are responsible for democratically organizing the session and its objectives. The players will keep the DM apprised of group objectives well in advance of the next session. This helps the DM manage his workload and provide the best game possible.

Focal Points

This campaign allows new players to adventure in the setting or for current players to take side quests. In order to keep all characters on the same timeline, at the end of each session the characters will return to setting focal points, e.g. a favorite tavern or character stronghold.

Player Skill, Not Character Abilities; Rulings, Not Rules

C&C uses a unified task resolution mechanic and characters have many abilities. But in this campaign, any character can attempt any action, whether or not it is described in the rules or listed as an ability. The DM will work with the players to arrive at reasonable rulings on such actions.

Neutral Refereeing

The role of the DM is neither to favor nor disfavor the players, but to provide a setting rich with adventure and a world that reacts realistically to character actions. Where fortune smiles on the characters, let it be due solely to their ingenuity, creativity, and luck. Let the dice fall where they may.

Danger and Death

CZ is a dangerous place. There is no guarantee that encounters will be level-appropriate. There is ample opportunity for characters to succeed or to meet ignominious death. Player skill, creativity, and luck will spell the difference, and players should be sporting in both victory and defeat. When a character dies, the superior player gets back into the action right away with a pre-made backup character, which the DM will rationalize into play as soon as sensible.

House Rules and Feedback

If you have an idea for a house rule, do tell the DM. Likewise, the DM will ensure that players are involved in and apprised of rule changes well in advance so they can make informed decisions. Further, players’ thoughtful feedback and suggestions are encouraged. Good communication fosters good gaming and keeps groups together.

New Players

Suggestions for additions to the group are a great way to build community, and recommended friends of current players are welcome. The DM and/or game host will meet with anonymous folks who wish to join, and first-time players can be turned down at a current player’s reasonable request.

Guiding Principles

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