Creating New Characters

Rules for Classes and Races

You can download the Quick Start Rules that contain the rules for many classes up to level 4.
The quick start rules have the classes fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric and the races human, elf and dwarf.

If you are interested in playing these classes: ranger, paladin, knight, barbarian, monk, assassin, druid, illusionist or bard or the races gnome, half-elf, halfling, or half-orc, you can use the character creation cheetsheet from the files portion of the yahoo group. These classes and races are in the Players Handbook. The rules for Barbarians, Monks and the spells for illusionists were updated in the 4th Printing.
The 4th Printing also has optional rules on multi-classing and class and a half. You can use those rules or the 1E AD&D method of multi-classing (divide exp equally amongst your classes and track separately.)

If you’d like to play something that isn’t on that list, see the DMs.

Also, note that there are 4 human ethnicities (aka races) as listed in Races of Greyhawk.

If you are feeling religious, you may find information on Religion in the East Mark at that link.

Equipment: You can speed up the process of purchasing equipment by choosing an equipment bundle.
After purchasing equipment, convert your gold into Yggsburgh gold by dividing by 5. In Yggsburgh, gold is precious and silver purchases equivalent to what you’d think gold does in other DnD worlds.

Encumbrance: Encumbrance IS calculated. There is an spreadsheet in the files section of the yahoo group that calculates the encumbrance rules (as well as other C&C numbers).


Roll 4d6, dropping the lowest, 6 times and arrange as you’d like.

Hit points:

Max hit points for first level.


Currently, all new characters start at 1st level. That may change as characters level, but it may not. We expect there to be a range of character levels in campaign as participation will vary and there will be character deaths.

Secondary Skills

Don’t forget to pick or roll Secondary Skills. If something fits your character that isn’t on the list, check with your DM.

Name Resources

Here is a good list of Anglo-Saxon names

Here is a page with generators for more cultures (real and imagined) than you can shake a stick at.

Creating New Characters

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