Character Creation and Conversion

The following is a fairly exhaustive list of issues that may arise in converting AD&D characters to C&C. In most cases, conversion will be quick and easy, but be sure to check this page if you run into any difficulties.


  • Check the experience progression for your class and make sure your level is the same in C&C as it was in AD&D. If it isn’t please get in touch with me.
  • Multiclass levels will function the same in C&C as in AD&D


  • Check to be sure the languages you selected when you created your AD&D character are available to your race.
  • Check for discrepancies between the amount of bonus languages you get for high Intelligence in AD&D versus C&C.

Racial Abilities

  • Your racial abilities may be different in C&C, so read your race’s description.

Class Abilities

  • Note that class abilities in C&C may differ slightly from their counterparts in AD&D. Note any differences in your class’s description.


  • Whereas movement in AD&D is in scale inches, movement in C&C is listed in feet and is based on race. Find your movement rate under your race’s description.


  • Humans select three attributes to be “primary”; non-humans select two. Actions governed by primary abilities generally have a better chance of success. For example, a character with Wisdom as a prime has a better chance to avoid being surprised by enemies than a character who does not.
  • Attribute modifiers function differently in C&C than in AD&D, so be sure to update them.

Armor Class

  • C&C uses ascending armor class instead of AD&D’s descending, so the higher your armor class, the lower your chance of being hit. To calculate your C&C armor class, simply subtract your AD&D armor class from 20.

To Hit

  • Note that C&C combat does not use charts to determine whether a hit is scored. Instead, attackers add their Bonus to Hit (BtH or “level bonus”) to the d20 roll and compares the value to defenders’ armor class to see if a hit is scored. BtH is based on class and level, so note the BtH for your level under your class description.

Hit Points

  • Note that some C&C classes use different hit dice than their AD&D counterparts. For example, rangers in C&C use a d10 instead of a d8. If your character’s hit die type differs under C&C, let me know and I’ll recalculate your hit points.
  • Note that your Constitution bonus to hit points may differ under C&C rules. If so, let me know and I’ll recalculate your hit points.


  • Note that C&C offers more options for armor, and some nomenclature may be different. If you don’t see the armor your AD&D character had on the C&C list, get in touch and we’ll figure things out.


  • Note that damage, range, and rate of fire may differ under C&C rules. Check the equipment section to make sure you have the right information on your character sheet.
  • In C&C, characters are proficient in all weapons available to their character class, so there is no need to choose which weapons a character is proficient in.


  • Note that spell progressions for spellcasting classes are a bit more generous in C&C. Also note that bonus spells for your class based on the class’s prime requisite may differ under C&C. See your class description for more info.
  • Note that C&C has 0-level spells, which you should select at this time. Also note that some spells that are 1st level in AD&D are 0-level in C&C, so this may free up one or more 1st level spell slots in magic user characters’ spellbooks. Select another first level spell to fill the slot.
  • Note that some spells may function slightly differently under C&C rules than in AD&D. Generally I’ll use C&C rules unless something else seems more reasonable.


  • This campaign will use a more realistic gold value than AD&D’s 20 silver pieces = 1 gold piece. In this campaign, 1 gp = 50 sp. To recalculate the value of your money, simply divide all gold by 2.5. Do the same to determine the gold piece value of any gems or jewelry.
  • Note that in this campaign 1 platinum piece = 1.5 gp, so to recalculate your platinum covert it to AD&D gold by multiplying by 5, then convert into CZ gold by dividing by 2.5. Then convert to CZ platinum by dividing by 1.5. Round fractions to the nearest whole number. Does your head hurt yet?

Character Creation and Conversion

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