Jackpot! First Trip to the Dungeons of Zagyg
Jeyya's diary of Castle Zagyg: The Dungeons, Smashing Tunnels, Minotaurs and Lizards, oh my!

Back to Castle Zagyg.

This trip was successful in so many ways and it is time to uncork another bottle of the Wychwood’s finest to celebrate. Cheers!

Castle Zagyg 13
Jeyya's diary of Castle Zagyg: Death to the Maugublex, Goblin Politics and Snakes in Baskets

So, we’re off to the Castle! Finally! I was getting so, so very tired to staying at home and reading basic magic texts while the rest of the gang headed off to other obscure errands! Dangerous ones too! That dreamy but arrogant Vincent is never coming back, apparently. The Outs Inn still has plenty of wonderful elven wine, and I may yet have enough of it to make eyes at that new bard, but…

Danforth, we need to talk again!

Danforth, has Cuthbert completely forsaken me?

Danforth, we need to talk...

Brother Wesley, meets Danforth with news to share:

Killing the Kobold King
Hail Korbin, the Dwarf Kobold King

Jeyya’s Diary, Coldeven 16

Whisper the Weasel, Hammer Races, Korbin the Dwarf is the Kobold King! Hail! But never, never trust a kobold. Also, I found a clue that the Brothers did indeed have something to do with Castle Zagyg. And dammit, I still can only memorize three first level spells.

Menhir Manor Mayhem
For the Honor of a Daft Stonesmith

from the journal of Tarin, itinerant wizard-in-training

What a wonderful journey! Except for the centipedes. And the goblins, of course. And the tainted arrows. The wolves. The persistent, gnawing fear of being stalked in the forest. But if you let things like that get in the way, you’ll never go anywhere, will you?

We found Castle Zagyg
At least nobody died.

Jeyya’s Diary: 12th of Coldeven,

Dear Diary,

Well, no-body died. But just the ROAD to Castle Zagyg is scary. And I’ve been “outed”. We got some nice gems but … adventuring is turning out to be an intricate and dangerous ordeal. Like that bard said, ‘the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.’ I could use more thrilling victories.

A bloody mistake
A page from Obelix's diary

I’ve been traveling with my companions for many months now, and despite the many dangers we’ve run into, we’ve fared very well, until now. After our victories against the denizens of the mines under Serpent Ridge, we grew careless. Now, Warf and Robert Claire won’t be returning from our last expedition to the mines.

Conversations on the road to Yggsburgh

After leaving Lone Heath far behind and setting off once again on the road to Yggsburgh, Brother Wesley engages his fellow travelers in conversation:

From Son to Father

Danforth’s motto is “you can trust a man who writes a letter every day”. With that in mind, here’s his letter to his father, on liberating The Blue Torch Inn and uncovering Baglo’s scheme.


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