A bloody mistake
A page from Obelix's diary

I’ve been traveling with my companions for many months now, and despite the many dangers we’ve run into, we’ve fared very well, until now. After our victories against the denizens of the mines under Serpent Ridge, we grew careless. Now, Warf and Robert Claire won’t be returning from our last expedition to the mines.

Conversations on the road to Yggsburgh

After leaving Lone Heath far behind and setting off once again on the road to Yggsburgh, Brother Wesley engages his fellow travelers in conversation:

From Son to Father

Danforth’s motto is “you can trust a man who writes a letter every day”. With that in mind, here’s his letter to his father, on liberating The Blue Torch Inn and uncovering Baglo’s scheme.

A conversation over ale: Derringer tells a tale of Serpent Ridge

A conversation over ale: Derringer tells a story of the Serpent Ridge, an altar to a Demon, bugbears and a thief

Back from the gutter, Hilaire has a proposition

Look, don’t worry about me – the liquor’s under control now. And whatsherface? Out of the picture.

From Yggsburgh to Serpent Ridge
A page from Jeyya's diary

Dear Diary,

I made new friends and explored a haunted mine in Serpent Ridge.

Little Green Riding Cleric

Um… looks around in confusion and wonder so… what IS this place?!

Derringer arrives in Yggsburgh

Where can a dwarf get a drink in this place?


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