Simon Grant

Vanilla Fighter. mmm, Tasty!


Str – 17*
Dex – 12*
Con – 13
Int – 7
Wis – 11*
Cha – 7

HP – 11
AC – 18 (w/ Longsword and Shield), 17 (Spear and Bow)

Uses a longsword and shield, a longspear and shortbow. Wears full plate.


Simon was orphaned at 15 when his father died. He had never known his mother, who was said to have died in childbirth. After the death of his father, he was taken in for an apprenticeship with the local guard of the Greyhawk, whom his father died in the service of. He soon earned a place among them with his strength and a surprising knack for strategy, despite his slow nature.

He lived as a soldier in this fashion for many years, and this lifestyle combined with the lack of a mother has lead to Simon to be ignorant of what some may call ‘manners’ or ‘tact’. While this may not earn him many friends, he is strong and honest and a man of his word.

One day, after having been a guard for some years, a traveler came in search of him. The traveler had news that his father, Merrick the Guardsman, the man who had raised him for 15 years, was not his real father, and that both his parents may still be alive. After hearing this, Simon set off to find them, but with no leads and nary the mind for this line of work, he soon resorted to hiring himself out as a mercenary to make ends meet. He currently finds gainful employ as a blade, but still maintains a hope that by traveling he may meet his real parents, somewhere, and discover why he was left with a guardsman and no clues to their identity.

Simon Grant

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