Ranger from a big farm family near Greyhawk.



Attribute Modifier SEIGE Modifier

STR 16 +2 8

INT 9 0

WIS 13 +1 6

DEX 16 +2 6

CON 13 +1 0

CHA 11 0

Uses a bearded axe and wears studded leather. Equipment-

Backpack with the following inside: 25 feet of rope, 8 candles, bedroll, fishing gear, crude paper, water skin, charcoal, flint and steel, and enough food for 2 weeks.


Rolinda is one of the oldest children in a large family that farmed the edges of Greyhawk. Her family was poor, and when her mother announced she was pregnant with the family’s 11th child, Rolina knew that when the baby was born, there would not be enough food for all the hungry little ones if the older ones did not move on.

Having already reached the age of 27 with no prospects in Greyhawk for work or romance, Rolinda decided to look for work in Yggsburgh. What money she earns is not just for herself, but to pay for the education and food of her younger siblings, and she has no concept of wealthy- having enough money to afford a private bed is something she has never had, much less a private room.

Having made her decision, Rolinda used the skills she had learned on the farm and scraps she found to create a pair of studded leather pants and a studded leather shirt. She has no shoes; but then, she’s never had shoes. She traded labor with the local blacksmith so that he would make her an axe. All her other supplies are meager items that her family could spare- little more than candles and rope.

Rolinda’s family was always at work, and she believes this is life. As she told one of her fellow travelers on the road- “You work and then you die.” To her, this is not upsetting. Work is enjoyed for it’s own sake. Musicians are honored and elevated, as their work is most important. They track history through epic songs, and bring merriment to the end of the work day or season. Rolinda harbors a not-very-secret desire to learn how to play any musical instrument, but specifically the bugle. She feels that this would make her important.

Whenever Rolinda has downtime, she writes home to her sister Anicia, who has always stuggled to read but promised Rolinda that she was read any letters out loud to the entire family.


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