Son of Wailard, the blacksmith of Hawfair Greene


Human Fighter Str 16 Prime Dex 11 Prime Con 12 Prime Cha 14 In 10 Ws 9

Blond, 6’2”, Green eyes. Large but lanky frame.

Hps: 8 AC: 17 (orcish platemail, repaired)

Weapons: 2H Hammer +4/+2 1d10 Glaive Guisarme +3/+2 1d8

Hamwich has a full set of equipment purchased for him by Caelen. 50’ silk rope, Backpack, Bedroll, flint & steel, Hammer, Medium Tent, Torch, Waterskin, Rations (2wks)


Hamwich doesn’t want the life that his father had planned for him – smithing away in a small village. But it was the charms of Caelen Blackwarden that drew him away from home and hearth.


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