Female. tall. dark hair. brown eyes. very eastern european in appearance.


AC 16 HP 11 Weapons: skilled in the use of the spear, recently picked up a +2 cleaver with a nice +1 to strength on it. Str +8 Dex +8 Con +7 Int -1 Wis +1 Cha +0


Catherine was born Katarina Zeman to two loving parents who decided the farm was not the place for them and moved across the continent to a city where her father presumably had connections and a job when Catherine was 4. Growing up in the city, she was constantly teased for her accent, her foreign looks, and just all around things kids get teased for.

After she decided her name was “Catherine” and worked diligently to hide her accent, and she was still taunted constantly, she started fighting back.

She learned to fight against her enemies with her fists at first, until she was noticed by the guardian guild in the town, who picked her out of a street fight against four other kids that she was clearly winning. They became her second family. They taught her the use of the spear as well as other weapons… but she far preferred the spear and excelled at its use. When they decided she was ready, she started to take on jobs as a caravan guard.

She ended up in Yggsburg, where she met up with a group of adventuring people who more than welcomed her into their group.

It was a foray into the manor house that was to be her demise.

Well fed on roasted weasel (stuffed with feral onions, rosemary and pounded cattail root) and the rare treat of giant frog legs, the party was in rather good spirits as they headed down the well in the back of the house.

It seemed quite empty, but Catherine said she’d scout ahead in the water to be sure.

That is when the snakes came. She uttered, “aww, why’s it got to be snakes?” and chuckled to herself.

Then they bit her.

She had time to cry out to her party once before the snakes killed her.

Poor Catherine.


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