Robert Claire

Mercenary for Hire at the Swordsmens Brotherhood


Red haired, rude and unkempt, Robert Claire describes himself as “all man, no fluff”. His apparent alcoholism and lack of professionalism often discourage prudent folks from hiring him, but those that stumble into a professional relationship with him usually get their money’s worth. He is brave and self-sacrificing, willing to do most anything to make a buck, but more importantly to live up to his credo. He wears a helmet that looks little more than a bucket, and his other equipment is in similar disuse, but his skill at juggling torches, shields and spears is unquestioned.

Comments by Jeyya: Warf beat him pretty good in a practice match. I’ve hired him for a week anyway. As long as I’ve got his wineskin, I think he’ll be a good “meat shield” (ha!) between me and pointy things.

Robert Claire

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