Castle Zagyg 13

Jeyya's diary of Castle Zagyg: Death to the Maugublex, Goblin Politics and Snakes in Baskets

So, we’re off to the Castle! Finally! I was getting so, so very tired to staying at home and reading basic magic texts while the rest of the gang headed off to other obscure errands! Dangerous ones too! That dreamy but arrogant Vincent is never coming back, apparently. The Outs Inn still has plenty of wonderful elven wine, and I may yet have enough of it to make eyes at that new bard, but…

I made the suggestion that we further our dealings with Bogna, Kolya’s “pet goblin” of the Gublinish tribe. They are at war with another goblin tribe, the Maugablex… or however it is spelled. I thought arcane words had difficult spelling. This is gibberish!

Luckily enough, Gaynoc was nearly passed out on strawberry wine (I wonder if I can trade for some? it smelled wonderful!) and let us through the portal easily. Still early in the day, we took the donkeys and headed forth into the ravines, past the gatehouse and up the old orc cave. Guards greeted us, but we told them to get Bogna, and they did. She seems to be doing quite well, with new armor again.

She still wants us to take out the Maugublex tribe but apparently there are “angles.” She says that ZugZug is not really the Great Gublin. Seems like she has designs on him. Perhaps there are fault lines with the Gublinish tribe. Playing politics with goblins?

After passing through her territory, we met other goblin of the gublinish, one Lt Bogbok. He may be rival of Bogna. He still wanted the Maugublex killed. Off we went.

The Maugablex had sentries behind Pavis shields, as they did before. Perhaps I should have slept them, but I decided not to bother since there were only two. That might have been a mistake, as they raised the alarm.

Berrick stabbed them. What a vicious three feet of nose and beard he is! But the rest were coming with their flaming oil. Threnody’s arrow took out 1. Wesley slept a couple, then my own sleep spell took out the rest.

But by then a Maugublex goblin with a breastplate used some keys and lifted portcullis – meaning to unleash some beast upon us. Not so fast, little goblin! I cast a second sleep spell upon the room, catching the breast plated goblin and at least some of the as yet unknown creatures… fire beetles that ate their former captor!

Across the passage was another portcullis, containing two gnoll prisoners. They told us that Guzugkrok was the captain of the Maugublex. They were freed by Ildrik, and they pledged their loyalty to him. That little imp is still so much trouble.

Our mistake to let the gnolls out uncontrolled. They pounded fruitlessly on Guzugkrok’s chamber, giving him plenty of warning. When we broke in, he was already gone. We searched for quite a while, not knowing if this elusive goblin was invisible or had left by a secret door. Well, Berrick found the door so we supposed that was where he went.

He did leave at least some treasure: 5’ tall statue goblin, devilish, the goblin god Maugubleit, which radiated magic (Ildrik, under one of Brother Wesley’s wisest orders, touched the statue and was promptly paralyzed. And there was much rejoicing.) 2 30 gallon kegs: one of pickled vinegar snails/slugs (could be tasty!) one of ? 2 5 gal kegs of whiskey. 18 flasks of oil 10ep. 100 copper 18 silver 12 oz silver flask with rum 90 sq ft silk sack of hops 2x Pavis shields. A fine tapestry with gold thread, depicting Meadow elves in a pastoral setting A tin scroll tube (mine!) with arcane spells: Floating Disc and Tiny Hut 11 short sword 10 daggers gold ring shield 6 light organs from the fire beetles

Kolya found a secret door through their kitchen. Interestingly, they did not seem to be aware of it as it connected to another secret door behind their prison. Stupid little goblins.

We were not able to find where Guzugkrok went, but we did find our way around several passages. There was a long 20’ wide passage with crude stone figures of humans in pain carved into its side. We found only a few exits on this long corridor, with plenty of space at either end. I think we’re missing something.

But there were some grand, 20’ wide stairs going down into a strange octogon shaped room, lit by 7 sconces. In the middle was quite a prize – a huge basket woven of copper wire, 7’ high and 6’ wide. It radiated magic!

I used my newest bit of arcane knowledge, an Unseen Servant spell, to lift the basket lid. Our bad luck, we weren’t expecting or prepared when a 30’ long copper python with gold and black scales rose straight up.

It spat venomous vapor at Berrick, blinding him. Two can play at that game, I thought and blinded it with a Glitter Dust spell. Kolya then stunned it with a sound burst. And then Brother Wesley cast sleep… and SLEPT it! I was certain that such a weak spell would not effect it.

Threnody skinned it, keeping the skin, the skull and its poison glands. Inside the gullet of the snake, we found a wand of crystalline material with carvings on its side. Magic!

After this we were nearly ready to head back to Yggsburgh. We took the gublinish Lt Bogbok to the statue of Maugubleit. He agreed that this find would let us be introduced to the Great Goblin Zug Zug. “buy you audience”. In conversation, we also found out that they had “reposted” the Red Griffins. It seems we share enemies.

Connecting a few other passages between the secret door of the Maugublex and the large staircase, we found some interesting growths:

9 doses of warm-feeling fungi-used to calm excited people 10 doses of glow lichen 6 glow organs of fire beetles Adding to our trophies of the snake skin and poison glands.

After a thankfully uneventful trip home, Merchello identified the items for us. We found that the basket conceals its contents and items within a 5’ radius from all detections, and the wand was a wand of lightning! Though it only has 5 charges, I gracefully allowed Brother Wesley to use this item. The basket, though it would be fun and useful, we are going to sell.



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