Once again to Uthathorn

The intrepid adventuring party once again set off to explore the mysterious Tower of Uthathorn. This time, we were sure we would explore deep into the inner tower, using the passwall scroll that we found on a previous visit.

The party included Wesley, Threnody, Kolya, Azura, Inara, Maryan, Berrek and Randy Rednose. R.R., a paladin of Pholtus, was new to our group, and was clearly agitated with the presence of my familiar Ildrik. My ruse that my familiar was actually a benign creature tainted by a foul curse was likely no more than a poor joke, as I’m sure Randy has the ability to see Ildrik for what he is. Perhaps it was in poor taste to suggest Jeyya had anything to do with my evil little friend, but call it silliness, or professional competitive spirit. I shall have to buy her one of those fancy bottles of elven wine she likes so much, I suspect.

Anyways, upon arriving at the tower, we realized our clerics had not prepared the reversed darkness spell with which to banish the magical darkness covering the main floor of the tower. We retreated to the nearby forest where we intended to camp for the evening. Having secured Fooder, our stableboy hireling with the pack animals and cart, we decided to track an old trail we had discovered, perhaps made by those large creatures upon which the orcs rode.

Our rangers were able to discover a cave below the Mesa. I sent Ildrik in to explore, and before too long he was accosted by a foul undead creature. He escaped and the rest of us entered to take on the beast. We were first attacked by a pair of ghouls that jumped down on us from a raised side passage. Defeating these creatures, we moved forward to face Ildriks original assailant. In fact, three more ghouls awaited us. We defeated them, fortunately without any of us suffering their tainted paralysis. Surprisingly, Randy the Paladin was a formidable warrior using his war hammer.

We continued on to a large cavern filled with natural stone pillars. A collared chain lay on the ground, we suspect used to harness the orc beasts. At the end of this cavern was a watery pool with several swirling eddies. I detected magic underwater, far beyond the opposite wall. It seemed the water continued through a passage underneath the stone. We tied a rope around Ildrik and sent him to procure the shiny magical objects. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Ildrik attracted the attention of an underground underwater denizen. A giant crab followed the unconscious imp as we dragged his limp body back to us. Just as Ildrik cleared the water, the 8 foot creature crawled from the pool to attack.

By combination of lightning strikes, missile and melee attacks and other magicks, we defeated the crab. We procured its antennae and other unusual sensory glands, and then prepared much of its tender meat for storage, travel and future eating.

With rope around his waist, Berek explored the watery passage and discovered the treasure there. We pulled out two golden plated helmets, one of which was magical, and also a mithral chainmail armor and a bejeweled scabbard. Berek also noted that the underwater passages continued, with a much stronger current.

We found a side passage from the large room that looped up to the area where we were first attacked by ghouls. There we found an old mattress that the ghouls used as a nest, as well as a cattle prod and a bull whip. We brought in Fooder and the animas, and made camp for the night. Berek set caltrops at two locations as additional precautions.

We were not asleep more than a few hours when the first watch discovered the approach of several 12 foot tall trolls! The party was quickly awoken and battle ensued. The situation seemed dire, and with just a moments consideration, Wesley decided that the wand of lightning charges were not to be held in reserve. Seconds later, the trolls were accosted by magicks of all sorts, lightning, faery fire, sound bursts and color orbs lit up the caverns. Oil and torches were used to finish off the beasts. Our ferocious attack was well considered, as the monsters were resilient and it took some time to finish off the first two. However, a third troll had entered the fray. Inara created an illusory OwlBear in the outer corridor. The third troll fled deeper into the caverns away from the illusion. The party pursued, but discovered a trail of blood leading to the watery pool. It seems the troll knew of a way out through the water.

Having secured good treasure and taking a few wounds, we chose to leave further exploration of the tower for another time. We rested the night, and headed back to Yggsburgh. Wesley and Inara used a series of prestidigitation spells to add coolness and air seal to the packaged crab meat to help it’s preservation for the trip home. The unnaturally cool weather was a boon as well.

If only we had some butter!



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