Danforth, we need to talk again!

Danforth, has Cuthbert completely forsaken me?

First, I’m found completely unsuited for the clergy, unable to pass even the most basic entrance tests to be accepted into the clerical order. And now that I seem to have found my own irregular place within the church, able to devote my magical abilities towards the aims and purposes of holy Saint Cuthbert, I am granted this.. this… this evil thing as a wizard’s companion?!!! An unholy creature from the lower depths of the nine hells?!!! How can this be? How can I go on???

For a while there, as we adventured further in the upper floors of the lost mansion, I began to think I could twist this evil abomination towards goodly purpose. Not only would I constrain this beast from unleashing cruelty and pain on the world, but I could bend him to serve the higher goals of justice and truth.

But he is an independent whelp. And he’s in my head… always, with his whiny, suggestive pleadings. I don’t know that I can give him a set of commands that will guarantee that no evil can be committed by him under my watch. It might even be that over time, he could wear me down and loosen any constraints I place on him.

Oh, but the magic that ties us is complete. I don’t think I could sever the link without great pain and loss. And also, I really do believe that with this creature under my control, I can achieve great things in the name of Saint Cuthbert. And how ironic it would be to turn this unexpected circumstance on its head, and turn sour apples to sweet applesauce.

It is just happenstance, right Danforth? I haven’t done anything to bring this down upon myself, have I?



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