Danforth, we need to talk...

Brother Wesley, meets Danforth with news to share:

Danforth! I heard the most awful news yesterday. I made my way to the main dining hall at the Outs Inn and ran into some of the brave adventurers we’ve traveled with previously. You recall the little gnome illusionist named Inara, right? She had a friend with her named Gnorm. You also recall Kolya? We’ve traveled with him as well.

Well, they had just returned with a few other adventurers who I had not met… perhaps you might know Jeyya and Threnety? They had been to this so called Castle Zagyg. I know I have not been to this place yet, but there seems to be some obvious connection with the once inhabitants of the dark manor house.

Anyways, apparently these adventurers have been exploring the caves under this mysterious keep, and have had some great success clearing out several evil warrens, including goblins and kobolds, and most recently orcs and undead. And this is where the sad news arrives. Our friend Hengist, the farmer boy turned fighter, died at the hands of the evil orc chief. There was another young man with them, a quiet intense brute of a lad named Shawn who apparently raised himself in the wild forests of the Menhir Hills. A barbarian of sorts, though they say he was starting to adjust somewhat to life in the city. He fell at the hands of undead skeletons.

Also, just a week before, our friend Catherine died in the manor house. I had stayed here exploring the library, while you had obligations within the church. Perhaps if I had been with them when they returned to the Manor, I could have made some difference.

I fear we must be much more wise and careful in our endeavors, and yet more dedicated than ever towards facing our fears and challenging the evils in our world. You know that I am in training such that I may advance my skill in lore and magic. I intend to put my new powers to even greater work than ever before. I know that your duties to the church are many, and you can’t always fly off at any time with a band of adventurers to face the unknown. Know that when you can, I will be there to help. I learn much from you when we travel together.

And yet, I must tell you that I feel I must go out on my own. Our superiors do not have chores and responsibilities for me. I can serve the church best by gaining experience in the world, meeting my fears, defeating the enemies of good, and advancing my magical abilities. Whether it be the manor house, the caves of the enslaving plant creatures, this Castle Zagyg, or even the Shrine of the Unknown Paladin which we have yet to see, I must head out with these friends we’ve made at the next earliest opportunity. I hope that you will be free to go with us, but if not, I promise to represent the honor and justice of St. Cuthbert the best I can.

Let us say a prayer for these lost brave souls, and then I must go back to my training.


Danforth responds:

These are indeed dark tidings – brave, honorable men meeting their end at the hands of such… abominations. Our Faith and Law will not abide this injustice!

As you say, we must redouble our efforts and temper valor with care. The forces of evil and chaos are as cunning as they are relentless, so we must exceed them in both respects. Only I am troubled with questions as to how the righteous man may accomplish this while upholding his ideals… I shall pray on it.

I have witnessed your considerable advancement of late, and your zeal in training. You have overtaken me in this regard, and I must assay to catch up with you!—this I will do in St. Cuthbert’s name. In the meantime, you certainly have my blessing to make your own path in serving Him. No doubt our paths will cross again soon, the gods willing. And even should they take us to opposite ends of Oerth, we know that in prayer we are ever proximate.

And now let us pray for Shawn and Hengist.

Danforth, we need to talk...

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