Killing the Kobold King

Hail Korbin, the Dwarf Kobold King

Jeyya’s Diary, Coldeven 16

Whisper the Weasel, Hammer Races, Korbin the Dwarf is the Kobold King! Hail! But never, never trust a kobold. Also, I found a clue that the Brothers did indeed have something to do with Castle Zagyg. And dammit, I still can only memorize three first level spells.

Awesome. I got a weasel. It was pricey buying a new spell, Summon Familiar, but it was worth it. There’s something odd about that wizard in the Striped Tower…. I’mmmm gonna have to check that out again sometime. But I purchased twice the needed incense, lit it up, cast the spell… and nothing happened. For a while. Ah, by Cuthbert’s Big Rod, did I miscast the spell, I wondered? But then I felt it, in my head. A little thing, like a whisper. Note to self: Must discuss with the Inn. I need to bathe Whisper every day. The wittle weasel.

Whisper has already been useful. We set out for the Castle again, with new friends. For all that the Outs Inn bartender dislikes adventurers, there sure are a lot of them there. Apparently, all we have to do is talk about the Castle and people listen. I suppose with Korbin wearing the trashy crown we took from the dead kobold king’s corpse we’ll have even more. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, new friends. Desy and Vincent were off somewhere, so we found a new couple of meat shields, er, companions to protect the useful adventurers, spellcasters, like Inara and me. One was Rolinda, big, sweet, but straight off the farm. The other was an oddly pious dwarf, Korbin. I say ‘oddly’ because most pious types can’t put away the ale like he does, nor talk about finding treasure with such awe in his voice. Ok, Koulya kinda does that. Right. Also, we found another elf. I think he said his name was Anowin. He seemed good with a bow. Also, I think I like elf dudes. Anyway. So they joined Koulya, Thrinity, Inara and myself.

Hah, with Rolinda being so tall and me in my hat, I’m the one that looks ‘normal’. Well, we’re not doing ‘normal’ things, are we?

Onward, to boldly go, or rather to go boldy. I’ll have to come up with an erase spell, diary. Our way to the Castle is through the Little Hillwood. Thankfully, I’ve been in the Little Hillwood before so the phantasm there didn’t spook me to a debilitating degree. A good thing too, since I forgot to bring extra underwear like I made a note to do, DIARY. Anyway, with the clerics casting “Remove Fear” and me not being petrified and tied to a donkey we decided we could do something about those spiders. Or at least we could get that sparkly hammer we could see in the trail. That sparked an interesting competition between Rolinda and Korbin – who would brave the webs to get that hammer? Turns out Rolinda’s legs were longer. Of course, this was after we threw some fire up in the webs, and Anowin showed me where to throw a Sleep spell. Sweet Slumber, Atrocious Arachnids!

The bandits delivered a missive with an arrow. It seems they liked Vincent’s deal. From hiding (of course), they shot a note at us that we had to share the our treasure from the castle with them. Ha! And this is where Whisper earned his weasel food. We couldn’t see the bandit, but Whisper could smell him. Seems like ‘smelling’ is what Whisper does best. So Whisper guided Koulya and Thrinity over to the bandit’s tree. I think Thrinity has been practicing, since she shot him down. We found out he was part of a gang led by “Red Bill Farmer.” huh.

We rested before we hit the castle. No need to cross the open ground in daylight, and it seemed like a good idea to re-memorize our spells too. That’s when we saw it: on an old tree, an old carving, at least 50 years old: a symbol of St. Cuthbert, his big stupid cudgel. I never thought I’d be so happy to see his big rod. Heh. So yeah: a clue that old Haugeman Algot was indeed involved with Castle Zagyg. Not much of a clue beyond that though. How did Hagueman Algot find me and bring me to the Brothers? And did Haugeman know my mother? Nobody said this was going to be easy. But I’d hoped it might have been, because nobody said it was going to be hard. Ok, truth: I haven’t told nobody.

So we worked our way down into the ravine. I’m going to have to learn some kind of climbing or levitation spell, or better, find a magic carpet. This rope nonsense is a pain. Working our way from the north end, Rolinda said that the first cave we found had wolf tracks. Nobody seemed enthusiastic about that: why would wolves have treasure? The next cave? Kobolds. Everyone thought this was the jackpot.

The Kobolds did their best to prevent entry by restricting the comfortably large entrance to only a tiny tunnel with piled stones. After sending in our own munchkins to secure the other end of the tunnel, the meatshields, I mean, companions, removed all the stone work. I kept watch. Whisper’s hearing is excellent so this was really a proper use of everyone’s talents.

Korbin found a pit trap and disarmed it by securing it down. I’d have wished we could have secured it in the up position, as I had to bother with the rope nonsense again. Truly, I had expected something more deadly from the reputation of kobolds. They did try to ambush us – but that didn’t save them either.

There were more kobolds in the ambush than they probably could count, coming at us from hiding on all sides and striking at us from two ranks. I’m sure they intended this to be deadly. They didn’t count on our magic. After Koulya’s Sound Burst, Inara’s Color Spray and two of my Sleep spells, there weren’t many kobolds left. Even the Kobold King was stunned. Korbin, using the hammer that Rolinda had retrieved, dealth the death blow to the Reptilian Regent and placed the bloody crown on his head. Note: ewww! Inara knew their language, I suppose since her gnomish race competes with kobolds for small holes such as this, and she intimidated some of them into surrendering to “their new king.”

On one hand, this was helpful. It saved us time and mess in sorting through kobold refuse to find their treasure. On the other… well, they turned out to be not be so honest and trustworthy. Yes, I know. Big surprise.

After evicting the kobolds from their lair, we locked ourselves in to the king’s chamber and rested for the night. We planned to proceed to the ogre’s chamber, secretly connected to the kobold’s, in the morning. So the very next day….. who should appear in the ogre’s chamber, warning them of our plans? The kobolds. Really, we shouldn’t have been so shocked.

Didn’t do them any good. What’s a couple of kobolds when I can sleep the ogre? The kobolds were too clever by far. If they’d “stupidly” accepted our offer, they would still have lived to propagate their runty scaled kind.

Unfortunately, we’d nearly run out of provisions, and had to make the trip back home. And to such disappointment! This morning, I began studying my spellbook, and I can still only memorize three 1st level spells. Ivan bin K’bob said that I’d learn so quickly by practicing in the heat of battle – but my progress is still agonizingly slow.



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